Permanent Residency

Immigration Visa, Permanent Residence Visa, Skilled Migrant Visa, or a Skilled Worker Visa is usually issued to an applicant who has rare skills or skills which are in demand of the country he wishes to immigrate to (for which he dreams of obtaining permanent residency and settle forever), from his country of birth or his current country of residence.

The skilled people who want to migrate to their dream country will have to apply for a Skilled Immigrant visa that is generally based on the technical skills or the education background of the applicant. Immigration visas will help third world countries to target the skilled people who want to make their career in developed countries and like to contribute to the country’s economy. To meet up and qualify for the application, the candidate will have to undergo certain point tests and it is important for him to reach the cut-off benchmark set to receive the invitation from the country’s immigration department and successfully attain a skilled permanent resident visa.

The terms and conditions for the allotment of permanent residency differ greatly between country to country. These norms may also keep changing as the country changes their immigration protocols due to global situations and local demand. A Permanent Residency visa, as the name itself suggests, grants an individual the status of a permanent resident of the country. This makes the individual entitled for the various benefits granted by the country to its citizens.

In the Skilled Worker Immigration Visa program, the applicant is assessed on His/Her AGE, EDUCATION, OCCUPATION and LANGUAGE FLUENCY of the country the applicant is travelling to. Then be it ENGLISH or FRENCH or any other NATIVE LANGUAGE. The applicant may also apply for the country’s Temporary or Permanent Resident by giving the proof of their relative who is the citizen in the country, by issuing their proof of identification and status. The skilled applicant will also be required to undergo medical checks before the permanent resident visa is approved in order to make sure the applicant is not suffering from any serious medical problem or any threatening contagious disease which may put the life of their countrymen in any sort of danger.


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